Fifteen Days after the WHORE left. January 13, 2004:

me: I will try to figure out how to ship yoru hard drives securely. I think I may have some static bags in storage somewhere, but there are other things you have to do to make sure the drive is not damaged in shipment

whore: will the static bags keep the xray machines from destroying the data on them? i cant remember if they do that sort of thing or not. but i know whatever happened when my mother sent the monitor fried it

me: I will see if I have old hard drive boxes still, not sure if I do. think I threw them out when I moved from that first apartment

whore: ahh

me: but I will look and see if I have them. if not I can see if I can get some from like compusa, best buy or frys.

whore: ya know.. I wouldnt even need those shipped if i could set up an ftp from you and just DL them all but i know i dont have the space on this hard drive right now

me: could burn them as data CD's and ship those

whore: that would probably be easier yes?

me: if all you are worried about is the data.

me: prolly so.

whore: yeah

whore: just want the mp3s really

me: k. will get a spindle of DIFFERENT CD's and burn them as data. can fit a lot more on 1 CD like that instad of making CDA that you can just listen to

whore: ok

whore: just tell me what the cd's cost you and ill reimburse .. hopefully soon I will have a job

me: a spindle of 100 CD's which is is gonna take about that many for almost 19 gigs of MP3's

whore: ok

me: roughly 35.00

whore: ok

me: k. I will copy all data to CD that is able to be copied. favorites folder is able to be copied. shit that is in use can't be copied

whore: ok