Wompyre's Birth...

I awoke on the morning of my birth into this world like any other person in Norrath. I found a note and quickly read it. It instructed me to seek out my trainer and hand him the note. I had no idea where my trainer was, but I had the strong urge that I could track anything or anyone if I set my mind to. I glanced at the note again and cleared my mind and focused on the name. I felt drawn towards the center of Surefall Glade to Hager Sureshot, whose name was scribed at the top of my note. I found myself standing in front of him and hailed him. Hagar replied with a voice that seemed to call from the bowels of the earth with such force that I trembled. I handed him the note and he glanced at it and said, “You have chosen wisely, Wompyre. For our kind seeks to protect the world from all that is evil. You are to become a Ranger and as a Ranger your best weapon will be a bow.” He said to go out into Qeynos Hills and protect nature’s creatures against anything unnatural and handed me a tunic that had seen better days. He hung his head as if in shame for such a tattered piece of material to protect me against evil. He said that is all I am allowed to give you; I wish it could be better. I can however train you in all the skills that we as Rangers are capable of when you are ready. I thanked him and set out to protect all creatures great and small. Not knowing my way around I sought out assistance from the people standing around. They were all merchants and were not inclined to assist a whelp like myself.

I was Hailed and turned to see who was speaking to me. A vision of pure beauty stood before me whose name was Luliani. She asked if I needed help. I told her that Sir Sureshot instructed me to protect the world of evil. She smiled and said do you need help getting out into the world. I said Aye M’Lady. She said follow me and told me that she too was there to protect the world from evil. I said you are a Ranger too? She chuckled and said no, she was a Druid. Not knowing what a Druid was I asked if she could help me? She agreed and invited me to join her group. I accepted gratefully and we set out to destroy all the evil in Norrath. She cast a couple of enchantments on me and we ventured into a long tunnel. We emerged into Qeynos Hills. I said “Great! This is where my trainer instructed me to start destroying evil.” We traveled down an old cobble stone path until we entered Qeynos. She told me that I will be able to cast enchantments as she did in time but it will take hard work and longer than she as we traveled. I had never seen a city and was taken aback from the sheer mass of all the people and buildings. She said I could get more supplies here that I could in Surefall Glade. I told her that I did not have any coin. She giggled and said the evil beasts we slay will have items and sometimes coin. All the items can be sold to the merchants.

She said to kill the snakes as they dropped eggs, scales, and fangs that the merchants will purchase from me. I saw a snake and ran up to it, raised my sword and swung to slay the beast. To my surprise the blade fell short and I missed. The snake turned to protect itself as any creature would. It bit me and I reeled from the pain as its fangs sunk into my flesh. Luliani was not helping me strike the snake down. Instead she was casting a healing enchantment upon me. I swung at the snake again and struck home. I injured the beast and it turned to flee. Luliani cast an enchantment on it to prevent it from running and I smote it with a flurry of swift strikes. I told Luliani that I was told I needed a bow. She said kneel down and take what the snake has. I knelt down and the snake had 2 eggs and a scale. I took them. She said she needed to meditate to regain manna and sat down near the guards to the city gates. I sat beside her and rested myself. I asked her why she did not assist me in striking the snake. She told me that a Druid mainly uses enchantments and does not have the deftness to wield a blade like I did. She told me that there is certain types of bladed weapons she could use, but her ability to use it would never match my own and therefore enchantments were better. I told her that my blade was hers to command, and would protect her from harms way.

We struck out to kill more snakes and any other creature that we could get items from to sell for coin. We were running thru the meadows of Qeynos when a Gnoll Pup attacked her. I immediately turned my blade on the foul beast. It turned its attention from the lovely Luliani and started attacking me. I do not remember how long I battled the beast, but I finally landed the fatal blow as it slumped over in a heap of dead flesh. It’s corpse swung at me as if on instinct, but I deftly moved from its reach. I knelt down and was rewarded with my first coin. I was shocked that creatures like this would have need of coin. I was thankful that I finally had coin. Luliani said that we needed to go back to the city, as she would not be able to cast her healing enchantment on me without meditating. I followed her back to the city gates so she could meditate. She however kept going and entered the city walls. I followed her, as I was not sure that she would be safe if creatures were inside the walls as well. She led me to a building and said to sell the items I had gathered from the many creatures we had slain. I went up to a lady and showed her what I had for sale and she gave me a fair price offer. I accepted her offer and gave her the items for coin.

While we were within the city walls we met another Druid named Crimsonn. He was not a half elf like Luliani and myself. Instead he was human. Qeynos was full of them and some had learned the gifts of magical enchantments. He joined our group to kill the evil that was spreading throughout Norrath faster than we could destroy. Night had fallen over the land and Crimsonn said that there were undead out and about, and we should seek them out to destroy. I asked what undead, and he told me about skeletons, ghouls and zombies. I was horrified to learn that creatures like this truly existed.

We ventured out past the city walls and gate. I was relieved that there were still guards posted outside preventing creatures out. Crimsonn lead us back out into the meadows and said this is where they spawn. Being creatures of unholy nature it came to reason that they spawned. One fell to the ground as we stood there gazing into the darkness. Crimsonn said to go kill it. I ran to it and it turned on me and hit me so hard I was stunned. Crimsonn cast a healing enchantment on me and Luliani cast a strength and skin enchantment on me to help me battle this unholy beast. I was able to battle again as the stun had worn off. I raised my sword and struck the skeleton and heard bones crunch as the blade clattered against its ribcage. Bone fragments flew from where my blade impacted and I reared back to strike again. A second skeleton had joined the fight and as I swung to slay the first one Crimsonn healed me and the second skeleton turned its anger on him. I slew the first one and ran to Crimsonn’s side and blocked the skeleton’s swing with my blade. It looked up at me and red fire rose in its eyes as anger seethed from it. It swung on me and I blocked its blow again. I took my blade and swung it down hard on the skeletons shoulder. If impacted with a great thud as bone shards flew in all directions. I continued to beat on the beast until it was nothing but a pile of bones at my feet. I raised my head to the skies and asked why the Goddess Tunare allowed creatures of this to roam her blessed lands. I cool breeze wafted across my face and a soft voice whispered in my ear that she despised these creatures as well, but it was the God of Hate Innoruuk who had placed these creatures on Norrath. The voice said that I needed two weapons to help destroy this evil and they were named. Their names were Earthcaller and Swiftwind. With these swords in my command the lands of Norrath would once again be safe.

Here is where my quest for them began...